Introducing... Centro Westlake

The Walter J Company is proposing Centro Westlake to the Westlake neighborhood–one of Los Angeles’ most diverse and entrepreneurial communities.

The proposed Project is a Joint Development project with LA Metro and is situated along Westlake Avenue between Wilshire Boulevard and 7th Street, located above the Westlake/MacArthur Park Metro Station.

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Map of Westlake/MacArthur Park Community

Centro Westlake will reflect the Westlake neighborhood–rich with culture, community, and history. Located above the Metro B (Red) Line, the location is already a natural gathering point in the community. Centro Westlake will encourage such gatherings and enhance community connections by creating access to housing, transportation, health and wellness services, and economic opportunities.

Illustrative Project Rendering - city block between 7th Street and Wilshire Bulevard and South Alvarado Street and South Westlake Avenue

The proposed project includes:

  • Much-needed housing, with a generous commitment to affordability.
  • Retail space, with a significant portion reserved for minority-owned businesses and for businesses that are owned and operated by Westlake/MacArthur Park stakeholders.
  • A community plaza, designed as a cooperative “Marketplace for Local Artisans” that will feature the work of local artists, craftsman, performers, entrepreneurs, including space for street vending stations and kiosks.
  • Space and programming for community services and business resources.
  • A hotel that will offer Hospitality Industry Training through a partnership with Unite HERE! Local 11.
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Illustrative Project Rendering - Aerial view of the Centro Westlake Project site with building callout labels

Project Partners

Illustrative Project Rendering - People walking near the Metro bus station by the Centro Westlake Project site

Walter J Company and
Walter “Dr. J” Jayasinghe

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